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A parting gift

From its beginnings a little more than five years ago, The Skillet Chronicles has been great fun.  For a veteran food journalist used to working in collaboration on assignments, it has been exhilarating to connect directly with readers and write about whatever fascinated me at the moment.  I learned so much along the way, exploring unfamiliar produce and expanding my culinary chops.  The best part was hearing from you, dear readers, about recipes that delighted you and nourished your families.

Now, I’m afraid I need to take a sabbatical for at least a couple of months. Some health issues require me to focus my attention elsewhere.

But I didn’t want to take my leave before I shared with you this simple snack cake recipe I’ve been fiddling with for nearly a year. Continue reading A parting gift

Elegant granola makes thoughtful gift

A lot of us are going to be spending more time in the kitchen than at the mall this holiday season. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a silver lining to the mess our economy is in.

Homemade food makes a great gift in good times or in bad. It’s personal, thoughtful and always in style. You never have to worry about size, duplication or the clutter factor. What isn’t eaten right away usually can be frozen or stashed in the pantry for later enjoyment.

Cookies and candy are classics. But if you want your gifts to stand out, you need to come up with something a little different. That’s why I’m giving granola this year. Continue reading Elegant granola makes thoughtful gift